Evangelical Church Mbabane
Living and Sharing The Word With Love And Compassion
TEL: (00268) 2404 3850 EMAIL: info@evangelicalchurchmbabane.net

The Evangelical Church Mbabane

The Evangelical Church Mbabane is a branch of the Evangelical Church Swaziland. The Mbabane branch was started in 1976 at Msunduza in the community hall. As the church grew, there was a need to move into a bigger venue. As a result, the current structure was constructed between 1979 and 1980 and was officially opened in 1981. The main pastor was DR A.B Gumedze who remained with the church until 1986. The church was led by Rev Mndvoti. Reverend S.M. Jele then started as an associate pastor at the Evangelical Church Mbabane in 1986 and later on took on as the main pastor in 1988 until 2014. Rev. M. S. Mathenjwa led the church as a Pastor from 2015 to 2021.

Our Vision

Is based on Mathew 23:36-37 "Living and Sharing The Word With Love And Compassion"

Our Mission

"Preparing God's people for the works of service through the teaching and sharing of the word that impacts the community and the world."