Evangelical Church Mbabane
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The Evangelical Church Mbabane - Primary School

a view of the primary school classroom from the entranceThe Evangelical Primary School is a private institution. It was established in 2004 and it pursues a holistic approach to education incorporating Christian, academic, moral and traditional values with an emphasis on preparing a well-rounded child.

The school does not provide meals for learners. Parents are expected to prepare lunch boxes for their children.

Our Motto & Mission

Vision and Values

Securing A Place for 2018

A deposit of E2500.00 (Tow Thousand two hundred and Fifty Five Emalangeni) should be paid as soon as a child has been admitted. The purpose for paying this money is to secure a place for him or her. This applies to new students. If the deposit is not paid during the time mentioned, the school will assume that the parents are not interested. Children who seek admission into Grade 1 must be six (6) years of age or must turn six (6) years of age before April 2018.

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